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Letter from Tom McCann

Updated: Apr 6, 2022

Dear Friends,

I am writing you requesting your help and support. I am about to embark on a humanitarian relief mission to the Ukrainian/Polish border. Just like all of us I am completely devasted by the atrocities taking place in the Ukraine right now. Watching the endless stream of young woman and their children walk for days to cross the border into the safety of Poland is overwhelming. These young children are the same ages as my grandchildren. When I think about my grandkids and then try to comprehend what’s going through these 5-year-old minds right now as they leave the comfort of their homes in the Ukraine, leaving their dads, mothers’ husbands and extended families and friends behind I think this most traumatic scar will be with them for life. After watching this from my couch for 3 weeks I decided I needed to go assist these refugees firsthand. So with that said I am leaving on April 2nd to Gdansk Poland. From there we will visit a refugee group we have identified and vetted. There are 65 woman and children living in this farmers home. The problem is although the polish people not only opened their homes to take in these refugees, they opened their hearts. They opened their hearts with tremendous love, compassion and much more to help these desperate woman and children in need. But the problem is even their compassion and love can’t buy groceries or pay the fuel bills to keep their goodwill going long term. That’s where we come in. We are going to Sponsor and adopt this group of women for the next 3-6 moths at a cost of $10,000 a month to get their needs maintained. We have also identified several other refugee private homes that need similar financial help which we hope to assist. We are also planning on visiting the Poland/Ukrainian border which is a 5-hour car drive from our starting point. There our goal is to welcome some new refugees woman and children and help them go from the border, with no plans how they are going to survive, to taking them personally and finding housing, clothing and food for them. With tears in my eyes right now I cannot explain how badly I want to welcome and hug a Ukrainian refugee family and give them hope that we will help them be in a better place and situation. Hugging one of these 6-year-olds and handing them a stuffed teddy bear as we welcome then to Poland is the most rewarding dream I could ever have. Kit Noble, a very famous photographer and videographer on Nantucket is accompanying us on this trip to document the entire journey which I will post on Facebook along the way. I thank you in advance , not from me but from the endless Ukrainians running for their lives right now to cross the Polish border. You, just like me, can make a tremendous difference with your financial support of our mission.

Please wish me luck as I embark on one of the scariest yet most exciting ventures of my lifetime

Love to all,

Tom McCann

March 17, 2022

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