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“Our Angels who have been given wings by Nantucket Cares"

Yuliya and Olya are our “boots on the ground” helping Ukrainians who fled the war. They help women and children get to places anywhere in the world, where relatives, friends, acquaintances or just caring people are waiting for them, ready to give them hope for a better life in this difficult time.

They help mothers purchase medicines for their children, food, and necessary things that they could not take with them from Ukraine, because they had to leave with only a small bag, their documents, and their children.

It is unimaginable how many terrible stories they hear every day. People having to leave their homes under shelling; loved ones being killed before their eyes; crying on the mountains of ashes that remained from their houses; and driving along the roads covered with corpses of women and children.

They see so much pain in the eyes of people. They cry with them, because it is impossible to listen to such things and remain indifferent to their grief. Only 1/10th of what they hear is told to the rest of us. They pass through a sea of information, difficult information, and when they come home, hugging their daughters, they sit down to write everything that they heard during the day. They do this so the world knows about the terrible situation in Ukraine.

They also write about the money and supplies donated through Nantucket Cares, and how this has already helped thousands of Ukrainians find hope for a normal life. These refugees are safe and do not have to live with the howling of sirens, falling shells, and missiles flying over their heads.

Our angels of hope are the SAME Ukrainian girls with children who fled from the war. Nantucket Cares helped them just as much as they help so many other people now! They fled from Ukraine, only taking with them documents and their daughters, and before meeting Nantucket Cares, they too, lost hope for a normal life and a bright future for their children.

“You, Nantucket Cares, gave us a roof over our heads, provided us with housing, gave us a job and now our children go to school, they have something to eat, they have clothes, and it's all thanks to you! We do our best, because we know how hard it is for them, and how they feel, being on the edge of the abyss, on the verge of despair.

We don’t just buy people a ticket or a suitcase, they become part of our family, part of the Nantucket Cares’ family and we keep in touch with them. We see tears of gratitude, and these women and children hug us as if we are the closest people to them.

We personally thank Nantucket Cares for saving our lives, our children, and especially, for giving us this opportunity to help other refugees! If for every “thank you” addressed to you, a star lit up over your small island, then it would always be light on it, like in the day when the sun shines ☀️

Special thanks to Tom, Jacquie, Brian, Kasia, Jonathan, Chris, Julia, Kit and the whole team of Nantucket Cares 🙏 You are extraordinary, and if not for your help and support, we, Olya and Yulia would be homeless with our children 😢 Thank you NANTUCKET CARES 💙💛 May your kindness and generosity return to you a hundredfold."

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