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Time Spent with Orphaned Ukrainian Children 🇺🇦

Life with no parents is just something that we would never understand unless we were born into the same situation. No one to tell you not to jump on the bed. No one to yell at you because you misbehaved, but then a moment later to say, "I love you my son or daughter." No one to pick you up from the ground if you fall and scrape your knee, and then to say, "Son or daughter everything will be okay, just rub it off." We will never understand or know.

However, what we do know is how excited these kids were to see us. How grateful they were after receiving just a little toy or a small snack to have in that moment, or to have more for later. How much pleasure it gave them to show off a new T-shirt to their friends.

I’m so happy that we had the opportunity to connect with each kid. I’m happy that my great team kept giving, no matter the situation. I thank everyone who donated, toys, money, and time to our Nantucket Cares aid mission. Without you these small gestures of hope and love would not have been possible.

Kasia Chmielewska Rodriguez, Nantucket Cares Team Member

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