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Nantucket Cares is a group of philanthropically-minded individuals who, simply put, CARES.   Our collective outrage over the unprovoked Russian invasion of Ukraine thrust us into action from the earliest days of the war.  

The humanitarian crisis we have witnessed, including the millions of young mothers and children fleeing their homeland was something we couldn’t, and haven’t since, ignored.  We responded at the onset and we continue our support today.  

Originally founded in response to the devastation of 2017’s Hurricane Maria by Tom McCann, Carlos Castrello, and Tracy Long, Nantucket Cares continues the original mission of providing humanitarian aid in times of crisis.  

Our response continually adapts to support refugees as their needs evolve throughout the war.  In this moment our focus is providing the following:

  • Flexible cash assistance to help refugee families in Poland get access to essential items, such as food, water, short-term shelter, and transit to places of safety.

  • Supporting community-based refugee shelters with supplies to sustain and scale their crucial operations. The shelters we support currently work to meet the needs of 500+ refugees.

  • Providing infrastructure support to enable refugee centers to house more refugees.

  • Sending essential resources to collective food pantries in Poland and Ukraine, including food, hygiene products, and baby supplies.

  • Supporting mental wellness and protection services for refugees, particularly women and children through our partners who are on the ground in Poland and Ukraine. 



Tom McCann

Tom McCann founded Nantucket Cares with Carlos Castrello and Tracy Long to provide emergency relief after Hurricane Maria devastated Puerto Rico in 2017.  Then, pursuant to the Russian invasion of Ukraine, Tom put together a team of eight who traveled to Poland in early April to provide direct aid to those refugees fleeing in droves across the border.  Highly motivated and charitable, Tom also founded Holidays for Heroes, an organization dedicated to honoring the sacrifice of the many service men, women, and their families, bringing them to Nantucket for all-inclusive family retreats.  Tom is the founder/president of the McCann Pets Group, owner of, and resides on Nantucket with his wife, Mary Jo.

Founder Emeritus

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